30 - Employee Request - Replacement for Leader Device Business & Partnership

Job Description
o [Device Production Management] – To manage the schedule of Device Production and Delivery in order to comply the agreed timeline, and to make sure that stock shortage and overstock would not be happen for both Market Stock and Warehouse Stock;
o [New Device Sourcing] – To source 2 new model per device category in one year (Outdoor CPE , Mifi) , and manage its customization, production, and delivery schedule (1 device per category per year)
o [Partnership with Smartphone Brand] – To maintain relationship with the existing partners, and cultivate new partnership with at least 1 new brand (1 Campaign for each 6 month )
o [Sales Support] – To provide Device Specification Material for Sales Training, and Troubleshoot Material for Installation Team (one training for one device)
o To define the device pricing strategy

o Strong project management skill, especially experienced in 4G device production and customization
o Experienced in using Microsoft Excel, Power Points and Words for reporting purpose
o Strong analytical skill to detect both stock shortage and overstock
o Strong communication skill to maintain and cultivate partnership with device vendors and smartphone brands

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