What Is an Official Rolex Watch Winder and Why Do You Need It?

If you have a bunch of luxury watches, then you can start to invest in an automatic winder box for your collection. It is really beneficial for you as long as you choose the right and the high quality watch finder. Therefore, below are some explanations about what is an official Rolex watch winder and why you should need one. Let’s check it out! 

What is an official Rolex watch winder? 

An official Rolex watch winder is a battery of electric tool that can keep your automatic and luxurious watches wound though rotary as well as vibration technology, and definitely this tool is coming from the luxury official Rolex watch winder. As you may know, automatic watches run for as long as you wear them and has a 24 hour to 72 hour power reserve. If you don’t wear your automatic watch for a while, then it will stop functioning because there is no movement. 

Why do you need a watch winder? 

Right now, many luxurious watches owners not only have one wristwatch in their collection. That’s because automatic and luxurious watches have many different extra features apart from showing the owners the time. These extra features such as moon phases, leap years, and also display months and years as well. 

Because of these extra features that need a corresponding mechanism within the watch, the energy consumption of the watch is fairy high. Since you cannot wear all of your automatic watches every day, then you need to find a way to wind them, so they can regain their functionality. 

Moreover, the task of winding your luxurious watches everyday can be tiring. Therefore, you need a tool like a watch winder to help you. It can help you wind your automatic watches without having to wear it. With this tool, you also don’t need to set the time every time you want to wear your watch. Therefore, don’t forget to use an official Rolex watch winder if you want your life easier. 

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