Touch Point Department - Leader

Job Description
a. Assisting in qualitative or quantitative surveys, which may involve the writing of survey questionnaire, conduct an interview or focus group assessments.
b. Writing detailed reports and presenting results.
c. Strong communication and writing skills (as a script writer for Touch Point needs), including negotiations with external and internal stakeholders, as well as excellent presentation skills.
d. Ability to interpret and make recommendations from the results of the analysis (include utilizing structured and unstructured Voice of Customer feedback).
e. Ability to execute customer experience design elements from the results of analysis and or from the organization feedback (special request) into Touch Point elements (App, Selfcare, Website, Customer Service Agents, Sales Agents, etc).
f. Project Management of Customer experience improvement programs.
g. Partner extensively with IT Team and other key stakeholders to ensure customer experience improvements are supported through systems.
h. Develop and challenge resources to improve performance through systems utilization and process improvements aligned directly to the voice of the customer.

1. Familiar with Survey platform, Campaign Management System and ability to manage data using tools (QlickView, Tableu).
2. Familiar with Content Management System, familiar with Application Development or Blog Development (Blog creator).

a. Customer centric with an ability to balance customer benefits and business goals effectively
b. Problem-solving ability in a complex environment
c. Ability to think strategically and execute to get results
d. Ability to design and drive performance improvement
e. Strong organizational skills with the ability to execute/implement on strategic design
f. Capability to manage multiple priorities and proven commitment to achieve goals.


Beside Surveyor and Analyst, in other hand we want to have a person who capable to execute the survey result or as an executor in one pack. Also to be considered:

a. Tech Savvy:
Desiring and Interesting to the Digital Systems Telecommunication Networks (Infrastructure, the design, and management of Telecommunication System), device and app.
Willing to learn about Billing Support System, Mobile App and Website Development

b. Knows about a new era of digital communication with Customer.
Example: Chatbot

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