Retention Department Head

Job Description
Job Description:
1. Assisting in customer retention and loyalty activities
2. Writing detailed reports and presenting results.
3. Strong data processing skills, including coordination with Data warehouse and operation teams.
4. Partner extensively with IT Team and other key stakeholders to ensure customer retention product improvements are supported through systems.
5. Ability to proceed raw data into executable data for operation team.
6. Ability to execute customer retention and loyalty programs.
7. Ability to interpret and make recommendations from the results of the campaign/retention program analysis.
8. Ability to proceed agent's incentive based on retention and loyalty program result.

Specific Skills:
1. Strong knowledge of and experience with MS Excel.
2. Familiar with Retention and loyalty program
3. Ability to manage data using tools (QlickView, Tableu, oracle).

1. Customer centric with an ability to balance customer benefits and business goals effectively
2. Problem-solving ability in a complex environment
3. Ability to think strategically and execute to get results
4. Ability to design and drive performance improvement
5. Strong organizational skills with the ability to execute/implement on strategic design
6. Capability to manage multiple priorities and proven commitment to achieve goals.

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