BOLT 4G+ Presents The First Unlimited Package for Smartphone!
Apr, 18, 2017


Jakarta, April 18th 2017 – BOLT 4G+ as a pioneer of 4G services in Indonesia addresses mobile’s users need for Unlimited internet access anytime and anywhere. BOLT 4G+ offers the first unlimited postpaid package for Smartphone with most affordable price at only Rp99,000 per month. This package is presented for new and existing customers who want a fast, stable, affordable internet without quota limit.

The new package is presented to answering the high needs of consumers for mobile internet access. Based on data from the Indonesian Internet Service Providers Association (known as APJII), in a survey with the title"Penetration and Internet User Behavior 2016 in Indonesia", it is shows that there are a very high number of internet access using Smartphone in Indonesia which is at 47.6% or 63.1 million people.

Head of Product BOLT, Angkasa Perdana Putra which is usually called as Angki, explained that “Unlimited package is absolutely necessary for Smartphone users who have high mobility and need higher speed connection. The package that we offer matches the needs of those customers. Our unlimited postpaid package for Smartphone is designed for daily mobile internet users with a fast, stable, affordable internet access and without quota restrictions.”

For customer convenience, BOLT provides payment solution to enjoy the new package, such as using Credit Card, Debit Card and Cash. To subscribe this package, minimum 12 months subscription contract will be required.

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