BOLT Focuses on Integrated Services Improvement to Support the Development of Digital Economy Industry
Apr, 26, 2017

Billy Abe - Chief Product Officer BOLT

Jakarta, April 26th 2017 – 4G LTE users in Indonesia have been increasing from year to year, which has been directly experienced by BOLT who are the first 4G LTE operator in Indonesia through the increase of its customer in Jabodetabek & Medan.

Based on the survey by Indonesia Internet Service Provider Association or known as APJII, it shows that more than half of Indonesia population have connected to the internet. Based on 2016 survey, it shows that there are 132.7 million out of 256.2 million population in Indonesia who has connected to internet. This data indicates an increase of 51.8% compare to the number of internet users in 2014 which only reach 88 million internet users (APJII survey in 2014). Chairman of APJII, Jamalul Izza, on his survey released in 2016, said that the cause is infrastructure and the ease to get smartphone or handheld device.

Meet in the second Indonesia LTE conference on April 25th 2017 in Balai Kartini, Gatot Subroto Jakarta, Chief Product Officer BOLT Billy Abe, said that the existence of digital economic marked by the business development that utilized internet as medium to collaborate and cooperate, whether between corporate or between individual. This is also proven by the rapid growth of the existing or new companies that entering e-business and e-commerce industry.

ILC is 4G LTE forum in Indonesia that discuss about the development of 4G services that can be enjoyed by all level of society. So that it can contribute to the welfare of society and support the realization of the digital economy.

Digital economy itself is a virtual arena to run business, create value and create exchange, using internet as medium to make exchange.

Billy said that a good broadband infrastructure with a wide coverage is the key to support digital economic development. It becomes one of important factor to the development of digital economic in Indonesia, where internet becomes the main medium. BOLT as a pioneer in 4G LTE service supports this need by providing 4G LTE service that can be enjoyed by all level of society.

On infrastructure, BOLT committed to provide 4G LTE service through BTS development in BOLT operational area that is Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek), also Medan. Beside network infrastructure, BOLT also increase customer service area by providing BOLT Zone in various locations in Jabodetabek, including in Cikarang and Puncak.

BOLT with its products also make a serious effort to open 4G LTE access to all level of society. Start from IDR 299,000 for device and IDR 99,000 for monthly package, many users can enjoy a stable, fast and affordable 4G LTE service with unlimited quota.

“We are giving an integrated service improvement. From infrastructure development and coverage to a customer service improvement and provide an affordable product. These three things has become the part of BOLT commitment to provide the needs of fast, stable and affordable internet service, whether for digital economic player or for all Indonesia society”, said Billy.

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