BOLT Support Digital Industry Ecosystem Development in Indonesia
Apr, 28, 2017

Jakarta, April 28th 2017 – The development of startup in Indonesia has increase rapidly with the appearance of new startup in every year. Based on the data from Centre of Human Genetic Research (CHGR) in 2016, it shows that Indonesia is become the country with highest rank in the development of business technology in ASEAN with 2,000 startup. CHGR also projecting Indonesia startup will increase 6.5 times and reach about 13,000 in 2020.

Meanwhile, based on the data by, Indonesia is in the third position of world rank with 1,438, preceded by India in second position with 3,438 startup and America in first position with 8,517 startup. The big gap between Indonesia, India and America should encourage young generation to keep doing innovation in building startup. This gap is not only seen and support from the term of quantity but also need to support from the term of quality.

Head of product, Angkasa Perdana Putra or known as Angki, said that to support the development of startup we need a startup ecosystem which not only support by internet service, but also support by real accompaniment program. These two factors become important factors that can strengthen a startup ecosystem. This is delivered by Angki at Dialogue Startup organized by TEMPO in collaboration with BOLT. This activity is implemented as knowledge sharing opportunity between players in technology industry and young generation to support passion and the development of digital industry in Indonesia.

 “In term of product, BOLT has both the device and the service to help digital industry player to run and develop their business. Internet services also must be able support people to get a better online time so that it can support an efficient investment’, said Angki.

Beside with its product, BOLT commitment to support the development of digital industry in Indonesia also realized with coaching program. One of the programs is implemented through BOLT school in 7 school in Jabodetabek area in 2016 by theme “Be Creative with Internet”. This workshop is given to assist young people who aspire to use the internet to run their business in the future.

“The desire of young generation in pursues a business need to be well received and facilitated. This workshop becomes our first step to encourage passion from young generation in creating new startup. We wish to meet a fresh new idea that can color the world of Indonesia startup”, clear Angki.

Angki added, his products and assistance provided is a manifestation of BOLT|s desire and contribution to succeed the government|s vision in 2020, which wants to bring Indonesia as a country with the biggest digital economic capacity in Southeast Asia Therefore, the startup ecosystem needs to be built not only for senior player but also for new player so that startup in Indonesia can rapidly grow.

Complete the need of internet service, BOLT offers various products that can meet many specific needs of digital industry player, namely BOLT Corporate Solution package that is provide for the business or company with a large scale. BOLT Corporate Solution consists of Corporate Retail products start from Rp1,500,000/month with additional 1 (one) dedicated IP Public. Secondly, Corporate products start from Rp40,000/month for companies that want to provide direct internet access for employees.

The presence of this corporate product is complementing the various selection of 4G service solutions for the society. As the only provider that provides unlimited services, we understand that startup requires a lot of data services, therefore we present this new product to answer the challenge. BOLT provides unlimited services for three needs, the first is free internet access at home or office, second is on the go for multi-device connectivity, and the newest is unlimited for Smartphone with a very affordable price of only Rp99.000 per month, "said Angki

“As first 4G operator in Indonesia, BOLT realized that we are in the era of technology that is full of unlimited innovation. This condition gives an opportunity for new comer to find opportunities of business and for senior player to grow and don expansion. Therefore, BOLT with its product and program wants to keep committed to support the development of digital industry in Indonesia which not only able to compete in national scales but also internationally”, said Angki.

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