BOLT! 4G Ultra LTE Launching Ultra Unlimited

Medan, May 17, 2016 - BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE, a subsidiary of PT First Media Tbk, today launched its new internet packages, namely BOLT! Ultra Unlimited.

BOLT! Ultra Unlimited is unlimited super fast internet packages first Indonesian Without Borders and Unconditionally. It is suitable for personal or family use at home with Internet access needs are high.

"Why BOLT! Ultra Unlimited extraordinary? There is no quota restrictions or FUP (Fair Usage Policy).

Customers can browse and download as much. No need to worry anymore dead internet connection while being engrossed hanging out in a café or on the way. BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE being the first, different from those previously with unlimited claims but imposes FUP and many other terms, "said Dicky Moechtar, Director of PT First Media Tbk.

Along with the increasing consumption of mobile data subscribers, BOLT! Ultra Unlimited is a postpaid service is ideal for customers who want berinternetan field as much without the worry of running internet quota. The new package was originally created specifically for customers who want the service Terrain mobile internet access for an efficient price and simple, without having to keep checking the pulse or top up.

"The need for Internet users continues to grow, where the use of the Internet is now a lot more to do with the consumption of large data, such as streaming video or video call using Skype, for example. We understand the concerns of consumers who think of the limited quota atapun internet bills are very expensive at the end of the month. Unwittingly quota more quickly run out and have to pay higher prices, due to the increasing number of large and high-quality content that can be enjoyed, but to drain the bag. Now customers can be free from worry with BOLT! Ultra Unlimited, "added Dick.

Irwan Djaja, Vice President Director of PT First Media Tbk, said, "Only our network that could accommodate large traffic, such as access to Youtube, Skype, and others. With the support of the largest number of 4G base stations and Network Optimization we do, BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE launches unlimited package at a time when other carriers do not have it. "

BOLT! Ultra Unlimited is a postpaid Internet package available to all customers at a price of Rp 249,000, - per month. BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE provides additional convenience for customers new to online instant activation in website or visit BOLT! Zone closest to subscribe to the package BOLT! Ultra Unlimited using 4G devices already owned. For those who do not have a 4G device, BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE provides a discount of 50% on the purchase of Mobile WiFi (MiFi) during the period May 17, 2016 until May 22, 2016 at the location BOLT! Hot Zone in Plaza Medan Fair, which was inaugurated with the launch BOLT! Ultra Unlimited.

"Since BOLT! Ultra Unlimited was introduced to customers on 16 April 2016, we received an overwhelming response where in the early stages of prelaunch about 10,000 to migrate to this new package. This is because the price is fantastic and unconditionally. Customers can enjoy Benefit Ultra: Ultra Unlimited, Ultra Value, Ultra Speed, Ultra Coverage, Ultra Man! "Billy said Abe, Chief Product Officer BOLT !.

BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE continue to develop quality products and services in Jakarta and Medan to provide the best experience for customers to enjoy mobile Internet services. Service BOLT! Ultra LTE 4G can now be enjoyed in a variety of devices, including: Smartphone and Tablet based on Android and Apple's IOS, Mobile WiFi (MiFi) and Home Router. BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE working with several leading Smartphone vendors such as Samsung, Lenovo, and Wiko to deliver 4G LTE Smartphone bundling newest K4 Note that Lenovo VIBE technology equipped TheaterMax and Wiko Ridge 4G Fever.

At the same time, BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE also launched its latest Home Router super boost, a special Helios intenet access to business and homes that require higher power with signal coverage up to 250 meters. Helios more gadgets can connect up to 32 simultaneous connections. The device is reinforced with WiFi features dual concurrent dual band (2.4GHz & 5GHz) with high-performance data rates up to 112 Mbps. Special promo for the city of Medan, for every purchase of Helios for Rp 999,000, - will immediately get a pair of external antenna 7dBi (limited offer).

With a wide selection of devices available on the market or held today, customers can feel the experience of surfing with amazing speed without limit in any 4G devices, including iPhone, iPad and iPad Pro. In addition, with the support of the largest number of 4G base stations and the only unconditionally unlimited package, customers can browse the field and watch as much with very economical price. BOLT! Ultra 4G LTE is part of PT First Media Tbk, which is part of the Lippo Group in delivering super fast Internet service in Medan.

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