BOLT! Super 4G LTE increase its services by introducing ULTRA LTE

Jakarta, 21 September 2015 - As a pioneer of high-speed mobile broadband services in Indonesia, BOLT! Super 4G LTE continues to innovate and improve service quality to stay ahead. BOLT! Super 4G LTE is making a breakthrough again with the introduction of LTE ULTRA which offers three advantages, namely ultra-speed, ultra-coverage and ultra-value. The presence of ULTRA LTE is in line with BOLT! Super 4G LTE vision to always deliver data access quality to the latest technology according to customer needs.

In the presentation BOLT! Super 4G LTE has upgraded its 4G LTE network with advanced mobile network technology in April 2015 ; the LTE-Advanced (LTE-A), which offers download speeds of up to 200 Mbps. BOLT! Super 4G LTE Customers which is located in the Greater Jakarta area can now enjoy ultra-fast data services from the network BOLT! Super 4G LTE through Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+, Smartphones which was recently launched into the market by Samsung Electronics. The combination of the two provides the ultra-fast mobile broadband experience that is unmatched.

Chief Executive Officer BOLT! Super 4G LTE, Moechtar Dicky said, "We are proud to have managed to increase the speed of service and the availability of the first generation Samsung Smartphone is equipped with LTE Cat 6 technology on the market today enabling our customers to enjoy data services BOLT! Super 4G LTE with ultra-fast speeds to the maximum. In addition to meet customers' needs for faster data access continues to increase, this launch is a commitment BOLT! Super 4G LTE in providing best and most innovative solutions for customers. "

LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) is the latest evolution of the 4G technology that allows transmission speeds of theoretically up to 300 Mbps by combining the two carriers and use the device with LTE technology Cat 6. BOLT! Super 4G LTE in 2300 MHz spectrum to maximize and demonstrate the maximum speed up to 200 Mbps. With this speed allows customers BOLT! Super 4G LTE to download a 1GB file in just 40 seconds, using video conferencing and high-quality streaming video at 4K resolution without buffering.

"In the past years we invest more in improving and developing the quality of the service area, as well as expand the scope of services. We have completed the first phase of implementation of LTE-Advanced (LTE-A) and customers can now sense the speed of ultra-fast BOLT! Super 4G LTE. Currently, the range BOLT! Super 4G LTE has reached 99.3% of the population in the Greater Jakarta area and is supported by 3,500 sites. With this innovation, BOLT! Super 4G LTE strengthen its leadership position in the field of technology with the recently nominated for the prestigious award LTE Asia 2015 Award for achievements in the field of technology, "said Devid Gubiani, Chief Technology Officer BOLT! Super 4G LTE.

BOLT! Super 4G LTE brings mobile broadband experience to the next level through ULTRA LTE with a variety of advantages and competitive price. BOLT! Super 4G LTE customers already can immediately enjoy these advantages to buy internet packages Super Flex is available in three options, namely 1.5 GB Lite Package starting from Rp 29 thousand, Basic Package ranging from Rp 99 thousand to 8GB, and 55GB Convenient Package start from USD 600 thousand. Additionally, BOLT! Super 4G LTE provides BOLT! Talk and instant phone messaging applications that can be enjoyed free of charge by customers and will soon present an increasingly international roaming feature complement LTE ULTRA excellence.

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