- Super Galaxy Plan Package -

Terms & Conditions :

  • Super Galaxy Package is a special promo package for prepaid customers that are using Samsung Galaxy 4G Series
  • The purchase of Quota Package can be done through MyBOLT! Application that can be installed in the Samsung Galaxy 4G Series device
  • Price already include tax
  • With the same price, Samsung Galaxy 4G Series users will get more quota
  • The validity period of both Main Quota and Bonus Quota are 30 days
  • Main Quota and Bonus Quota can be used throughout the day ( 24 hours )
  • Bonus Quota will be accumulated if the customer purchase Super Galaxy package with the same price
  • If the customers do different package purchase, then the Bonus Quota will not be accumulated. Quota usage will start from the smallest quota
  • Super Galaxy Bonus Quota will be consumed first. When the customer runs-out of Super Galaxy Bonus Quota then the customer will use Other Bonus Quota ( if any ), and then Main Quota.
  • Download up to 100Mbps. Upload up to 10Mbps.

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