What a Watch Winder Billstone is and How It Works

People who love to collect automatic watches might be tempted to buy a watch winder billstone as well although it means that they have to spend a lot of money to get this kind of watch storage box. What is actually a watch winder? How does it work?

What is Watch Winder?

A watch winder billstone looks pretty simple for some people because it looks like just a storage box for your watch collection. Nevertheless, it is a device with a pretty complex system. The main purpose of this product is to keep your automatic watch running even when you do not wear it.

You can find the watch winder in various sizes and designs. You can find one that looks like a jewelry box. Some other options just look like a safe.

It might not be an essential thing to buy for a watch owner or collector. However, you might want to consider having one under some circumstances. If you want to extend your watch’s overall longevity, buying a watch winder can be a great idea since it keeps the watch rotation. It makes the oils within the watch mechanism being dispersed continually.

With a watch winder billstone, you do not have to wind your watch manually and reset it if you do not wear it for a few days. One thing for sure, if you are a watch collector, the watch winder will keep your watch in its best condition even when you do not wear it.

How It Works

How does a watch winder billstone work? This question cannot be answered without understanding the system of the automatic watch. There is an automatic system of watch winding in an automatic watch based on the weight movement inside the watch. It means, the rotation of the moving weight can be kept when the person who is wearing the watch is moving.

When you do not wear the automatic watch, it means that no movement can keep the moving weight in your watch rotating. When you keep the watch in a watch winder billstone, the watch winder will not keep static because the holder will move continuously and the watch will keep rotating.

Of course, you can set the movement of the watch winder billstone based on the rotation direction, operating length, and also turns per day requirements based on the specification of your automatic watch. The movement of the watch winder will be powered by the battery or electrical power.

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