Personalised Watch Winder: The Pros and Cons

A Personalised watch winder will spice up your watch collection. Maybe right now you are still considering whether you should buy an available watch winder in the store or order a customized one. Now, before you make any move, make sure to find out the advantages and disadvantages of a customized watch winder first. 


The best thing about having a personalised watch winder is you are free to choose its design. You can choose what kind of wood and color you want. You also can choose whether you want the box to be engraved or not. It is your canvas and you are the one making all the decisions. You can also add leather accents to make the winder safe look even more fabulous.

Some manufacturers allow you to personalize everything, from the color of the box, down to the material of the cushion as well as the rotating mode. However, some other manufacturers only allow you to add engraving into the box. The former gives you more freedom but it could be pricier. If you opt for a cheap watch winder, you might want to stick with the latter.

Engraving is not a bad idea at all. Adding your initials or name is actually enough to personalize the watch box. it is simple and elegant. You will need to choose the watch winder first before adding the engraving. Make sure to research the features that you need from the winder first.


One of the biggest disadvantages of purchasing a custom watch winder is its price. A personalized winder is more expensive, and some people simply don’t want to waste money on it. They think that if they have that amount of money, it is much better to purchase a new watch. Well, but that is the price you have to pay for an exquisite personal winder. 

In addition to the price, you might need to wait for a long time to finally get the winder. This is because you have to order the winder first, and then the manufacturer will need some time to make your order. If you are in a hurry and simply cannot wait, this is not for you.

So, have you made your choice? Whether it is personalised watch winder or a store-bought one, it is important to have a watch winder. You have to take care of your automatic watches and putting them in a winder is the best way to do it.

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