Things to Consider in Choosing Rotations Watch Winders

Just like choosing a quality watch, there are also several things that you have to consider when you are about buying rotations watch winder. By considering these things in finding multiple watch winder, you can maintain the quality of your watch collections.

Program Settings

Whether you buy affordable rotations watch winder of the expensive one, the program setting is the most important aspect when you are choosing a new multiple watch winder. The thing you need to consider is how the watch winder rotates. For example, in terms of frequency and direction of rotation. Generally, watch winders have a feature to set the number of revolutions measured per day, which is known as TPD or Turns Per Day, ranging from 650 TPD to 1800 TPD.

Most automatic watches can be rotated between 650 TPD to 950 TPD. Given the frequency, if the watch is in a non-functional position due to running out of power, it is best if you shake the watch until it moves or you can tighten the mainspring on the crown. Moreover, make sure that the multiple watch winder you are going to choose can handle almost all automatic watches.

Build Quality

The next thing you must consider when choosing rotations watch winder is its build quality. Do not get tricked by cheap prices. Because the price is surely worth the quality. There are cheap multiple watch winders that are manufactured without any protection for the motor itself. This can make your automatic watch become a magnet over time.

Cushion and Holder

Make sure the cushion and holder of the watch winder are of good quality so that it will not make your watch’s strap loose. A spring holder is recommended; it can hold a watch in its place without making the strap loose.

Noise Level

Most people complain about the noise that a watch winder makes when it is working. But thanks to modern manufacturing techniques, there are a lot of watch winders today that produce less noise. These multiple watch winders can work without disturbing your house or office.

Power Supply

Last but not least is the power supply. One of the ideal solutions for today’s watch winder is the one that can use a power adapter that plugs directly into the wall, enabling consistent energy output as well as rechargeable batteries for traveling.

Those are several things that you need to consider when choosing rotations watch winder. Are you ready to find the best one for your collection?

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