What to Look for In a Watch Winder

Just like choosing a brand-new watch, it should be a personal option when it comes to buying a new watch winder Dubai. However, there are some details that you should pay close attention to. By considering these details below, you can have the best watch winder Dubai.

Program Settings

This is the only important aspect of responsibly having a watch winder. When you are about to purchase one, you need to consider whether it has some options for TPD or Turns Per Day. Choose the one with TPD ranges from 650 to 1800. These daily turns should be able to handle almost all automatic watches. Moreover, you should also consider the rotation direction of the watch winder, whether it is clockwise, counterclockwise, or bidirectional.

A bidirectional watch winder is recommended. Because one rotation direction can cause the automatic mechanism of the watch to wear over time.

Build Quality

The next thing you must pay attention to when choosing a watch winder Dubai is its build quality. You want to make sure that the watch winder has a shield for the motor. Because if the device’s motor is not protected, it can make the watch magnetized over time. But you do not have to be worried about this horror issue on mid watch winders and high-end watch winders.

Noise Level

Some people complain about the annoying noise that watch winders make when they are operating. So, you surely want to check the noise level of the watch winder you are going to buy. But thanks to today’s modern technology, a lot of watch winders, including the affordable ones, have found a way to dampen the noise when they are running. This way, you can place your watch winder in your bedroom or office without having to worry about any annoyance.

Cushions, Holders, and Pillows

Make sure the watch winder’s cushions, pillows, and holders are soft enough not to excessively expand your watch straps. When it comes to holders, spring holders are recommended. It is because they provide enough tension to hold your watch in place, without stretching it out. So, do not forget to check the materials of the pillows, cushions, and holders.


You definitely want the watch winder as pretty as the watch you place in it. A pretty watch winder should be able to function as a home décor as well. You do not want to buy a watch winder Dubai you will get tired of looking at in a couple of days, right?

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