Essential Criteria of Watch Winders You Must Know

double automatic watch winder is more than a practical and functional tool for your luxury automatic watch. It is also a versatile place to store your collections of luxury watches. So, when you choose one, make sure it meets these 3 essential criteria of a top double automatic watch winder.


The shape of the watch winder should make it possible for you to store your luxury watch efficiently and safely on a shelf or in a safe when you bring it while traveling. Make sure the access to your watch is simple and quick, without requiring complicated handling. Moreover, make sure the watch winder is silent so that it will not disturb your serenity and peace. A silent watch winder makes it possible for you to place it in your bedroom. This way, it will not disturb your sleep.


It is necessary for the double automatic watch winder to guarantee the watch’s optimal operation for several months or years. The best winding system offers about a year to 2 years of autonomy. It also has an electrical outlet. This way, you do not have to be worried that your automatic watch will stop when you are supposed to wear it with confidence.


A quality automatic watch winder should also be able to guarantee the safety of the luxury watch that you put in it. Therefore, it is important for you to make sure of the robustness of the double watch winder you are going to buy. Especially if you plan to bring it when you are traveling. Check the quality of the materials used to make it.

Elegance and Refinement

Last but not least, elegance and refinement are also essential criteria of watch winders. Choosing a watch winder is like choosing a jewelry case for your luxury collection. It will be better if the double automatic watch winder boosts the aesthetic value of your watch.

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