These are the Most Common FAQs about 3 Watch Winder Box

You must be very curious why automatic watch collectors, nowadays, choose 3 watch winder box as a part to support their collection. Here are some frequently asked questions and responses that people might consider related to the watch winder. 

  1. Why do we need watch winder?

For those who own deluxe automatic watch, a watch winder plays a role as the most appropriate storing room. It is highly recommended to keep your luxurious timepiece in a double, triple, or quart watch winder than in a single locker or drawer. It will be more effective and efficient in use.

Another reason why do collectors need watch winder is for decoration reasons. Some collectors usually make use of watch winders to display their watch collection or just to beautify their particular space. Watch winders can be one of some aspects that show off the owners’ pride in term of having high class automatic watch.

  1. Does an automatic watch really need watch winder?

The answer is yes. It is recommended to keep your automatic watch into the watch winder when you are not using it for some time. Moreover, if you own more than 3 automatic watches, you need to get 3 watch winder box or other kind of watch winder to keep your ‘free’ watches safely and properly.

Even though, most of branded automatic watches currently are completed with self-winding technology, the role of watch winder box shouldn’t be avoided. It is because a watch winder box allows the automatic watches to support their winding mechanism with the movement of the owners. It is impossible for one to put on and shake more than one watch at the once, isn’t it?

  1. Is it OK not to store an old automatic watch in the watch winder for a while?

It is probably OK to leave your 15-year-old automatic watch unwound for a while as long as you constantly and regularly use it. The maintenance of the movement of your ancient watch would be your first concern. In this case, you’d better wound it once in every 2 months to avoid the machine stop working at all.

Probably having a 3 watch winder box is a must for automatic watch collectors. It is because the watch winder consists of small gears fixed with small motors which revolve them in spherical patterns to replicate the movement of your hand in the purpose of recharging power; and it can work for 3 watches at the same time efficiently. 

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